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3D Tool Assembly - Loading Performance in Tool Path Verify 3D Issue




at my company, we have rolled out NX CAM mainly with NX9. Just today we have switched to NX10. As we make progress with our customization base, we are creating more and more 3D tool assemblies in one of our prototyping sites.

Currently, we have about 1100 NX part files partially in sub folders of the folder referenced by UGII_CAM_LIBRARY_TOOL_GRAPHICS_PATH . That folder is locaed on a network share. There is no Teamcenter involved. Our Assembly Load Options are set to As Saved. Verify Tool Path 3D is customized to Tool Display = Assembly.


When the user calls Verify Tool Path 3D, it takes quite some time to load the 3D tools. It seems NX starts to search in all sub folders in quite some random order. The NX CAM user experience is impacted quite a lot by this, because it just takes too much time.


When we simplify each 3D Tool Assemblies to a single part performance improves. But this requires some extra changes in the parts. It is of no help maintaining the 3D tool assemblies.


What are your experiences with a larger amount of 3D tool assemblies that you would like to share?


Best wishes,

In production NX D3

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