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3axis toolpath to 5 axis toolpath when the axis of the tool is not parallel to Z axis of the MCS

Good evening, I am having trouble with the new powered module to transform 3 axis toolpath in 5 axis toolpath in NX 9.0.0 MP1.


I generated a COUNTOUR_AREA operation setting the tool vector normal to a surface oriented parallel to -Y axis of the MCS.

The toolholder collide in a little part of the toolpath, so I trasformed it in 5 axis with NX 8.5.3.

Now I have formatted my pc and installed only NX 9.0.0 MP1, and the file made by NX 8.5.3 need to regenerate the toolpath. I try to transform the toolpath like in the old version but I can't find the right solution.

I am using "maintain like original" tool axis and tried different configuration for the main axis rotation. With Z+ setting, I obtain a totally wrong transformation. The tool should work for the most time in 3axis, with the Z+ axe of the tool parallel to Y- of the MCS and tilt slightly when the toolholder is too near to the wall of the part and the check geometry (the vise).

Instead I obtain a toolpath that try to be aligned with the Z+ axe of the MCS and tilt a lot to work the selected surface.

With X+ or Y+ selected option like "main orientation axe", I don't obtain any toolpath.Contour_Area.jpgthis is the original 3axis toolpath before the transformation.

Like you see the tool vector is alined with Y- one of the MCS.


Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

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