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3rd Party Nesting Software



My son just got married and I'm fixing to be a grampa.  I never used nx, but i'm making my new grandbaby a crib as a first time project.  I got to save some costs on aluminum, is there some good nesting software out there for me to use for plasma tables?


Warm thanks, 

Dr. P


Re: 3rd Party Nesting Software

Nesting is done with partner products like Sigmatek and Jetcam. 

If you have never used NX, what are you intending to do?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: 3rd Party Nesting Software

I brought the license for it last month but haven't got much time to get around to it. My plan for my granson's crib is to cut a rectangle on a plasma table for him to sleep on and then some square tubing for legs.

Re: 3rd Party Nesting Software

May be .... wood or plywood more better for this case???.....

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