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4 Axis Milling Possible?


I created a square model and edge blend! Could I use Flat End Mill to mill green face and blue radius with 4 axis milling rotated. Tool axis is Z axis! It is possible? 


Thanks in advance!


Re: 4 Axis Milling Possible?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Assuming the rotary axis rotates about XM/YC, yes.

Some tool axis options that could be used are:4 axis normal to drive, 4 axis normal to part, (create line along XM axis and...) "away from line" , etc.


I would use standard planar mill for the green faces, then VASC/surface area for the blue.

Other options can be used as well.



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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I'd rather be e-steamed than e-diseaseled

Re: 4 Axis Milling Possible?

The question is why? Way faster to just 3d surface the radius?

Dennis Rathi
Creations Unlimited

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