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4th axis z level?

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Is there a way to get a 4th axis only toolpath?

For example I have a pocket with 2 walls angled to the C axis. 2 walls are straight.

My 5 axis is only a 4+1 so right now I have 2 z level programs at different rotations to completely machine the pocket.


What I was hoping to be able to do is machine wall, rotate c, machine wall, rotate c , machine wall,etc. I cant seem to get output like this as it wants to involve the A axis. I've never been able to get the lock axis to work.


I cant share the part so if what I just posted doesn't make sense I'll have to make some dummy parts and share those.



Re: 4th axis z level?

Rough or finish?

Sounds like finishing to me?

Assuming you ave checked out all the tool axis options (sounds like you have).

I'd try the following operation types:

1) Generic motion

2) Sequential mill


I'm not sure if roughing is involved.



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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Re: 4th axis z level?

Is it possible for you to post image of your part ?


In addition to Ken's suggestions, I think 'swarf' option will also work.



TC10/NX 9

Re: 4th axis z level?

[ Edited ]

I have solution for this case. Exactly - two solution. I dont see your part, but - if your geometry can be "unwrapped" to plane from cylinder - I can generate Planar Mill toolpath, or Cavity, Or Z-LEVEL and - "wrap" toolpath back to cylynder.

Here - example -

Second possibility - postproceccor, when you generate Planar Mill, Z-level or another 3-Axis toolpath - and postprocessor convert it to 4-axis motions.

Here - another example - 



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