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5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality


Hi all,


I have a problem with Contour Profile quality. Maybe I will start from beginning. 

I'm trying to create operation for finishing of gear flank (concave and convex).


So then, as I mentioned in my previous posts, for this best choice could be Streamline (multi axis), but I wouldn't say this but I will say - THERE IS NO (still) RING OPTION to machine this flank with End Mill cutter.

So I have to take Contour Profile. I set as part all sufraces (also I tried only machined sufrace seperated - concave or convex - yellow dot), as a floor was flank in middle red dot(also tried tangency radius flank) and as auxilary radius flank (green). I also tried to create in other CAD system surface as a floor.


And like I mentioned for this operation I need end mill cutter - tool life reasons, and that's why I need Ring Option, to use all flank of tool, not only end of tool. 

Contour Profile has this option 


I have tool fi 8 and flute lenght 18 so I set Top Distance 17mm.

But now the funniest thing of Contour Profile strategy. This is to Siemens developers - how do you like complicate our life? I need to indicate - measure distance from flool to top of machined surface (???). 


But why, for this operation Streamline is best one.

Ok, there is no Ring Option (I will repeat as long as someone from Siemens will see this).

But I put some measured value, and calculate path.


Looks fine (I was thinking the same). But after machinning on machine (unfortunatelly I don't have picture) surface was horrible.

I don't have NX CAD so I checked tool path in SolidWorks. And what I recieved.


I thought maybe there is a problem with surface, but curvature of edges are fine and this is how should curvature of path like.



Anyone know what should be a reason of this errors?

I enclose file with this surfaces. Maybe Siemens top level users have any solution.


PS. Siemens developers, now you can see why you should put Ring Option in Streamline strategy. Please, don't complicate life. Gibbs has it, ncgraphics has it, bobcad cam has it... Need more examples?


Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality

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Solution Partner Phenom

I'm not really into this "ring option" topic, but I've seen your previous threads as well.


If it is all about shifting contact point for streamline operation, it can be done quite easily with Streamline with "Swarf Drive" tool axis setting.


Here you have very basic example with tilt angle 5 deg:tilt 5 deg.jpg

and 10 deg:


tilt 10 deg.jpg



And PRT with my tool paths is attached

Isn't it what you are calling "ring option"?

Marek Pawlus, NCmatic

Development: C#, Tcl/Tk, CSE

Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

ring heigth for variable streamline - variable streamline support variable tool axis so in many cases ring heigth would not have sense. /where, how, etc./ This operation is not dedicated for only side milling.

Operation doesnt know that in your case it is actually milling with tool periphery.

I agree with Marek solution.

#♫ PB, 5ax, itnc, nx, vericut ♫ #

Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality


I'm not saying to make Streamline only for side milling. Solution of Marek (sorry) is not best one because tool always cut with same point of tool. Now please tell me or show me tool which can cut almost 15 hours 60 HRC. I don't know that. To be honest, I'm using now something like Streamline (here CAM calls 5-axis morph beween curves) and something like Ring option. (example pictures from competitors)



And question for Juraj - please tell me what is best operation for finishing this kind of surface?

Believe me, I'm doing this for many years and didn't find better then mentioned operation.


Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality


I can say only one thing. Curves of wall face does not seems well. At the start and last side of curves amplitudes are waveness. Your middle of curves is smooth. Your curve shape must be smooth from start to end.

I am not expert 5 axis machine and I do not want to give wrong information. But contour profile works swarf drive or align to edge. If your surface quality is bad, tool axis may being shifted.And surface shape look waweness.

Also other parameters of contour profile should be tried. For example start of cut,end of cut point and tool axis.

Streamline has not the options ring heights. But it works swarf drive like contour profile. So result. I thing it depends of surface quality. I do not know this only idea.

Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality




This waveness is generated by CAE software as a extract of flank but I also checked without it. I had smooth surface on all edges.

I also changed start/end points.

And like I mentioned after Mareks post, this is not good option. With tilt angle on surface still material left.

Streamline->Ring Option (only)



Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality


Hi Mariusz13,


I wondered your model surface quality. unfortunately surface quality was bad. Please examine the pictures. smooth side is my curve and sharp curves is your model side. 


I think you will not reach a good solution over this model. Please sent us a message you will get a good solution, Where this error is coming.



Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality




I guarantee you that quality of surface of flanks (because I would like to focus on it) are fine. Unfortunatelly I'm out of office tomorrow but day after tomorrow I'll show you from other CAM system that I can create excellence tool path. Strategy will base on surface one of flanks (for example concave) and morphed between two bouandries curves. I know that everything is fine because we machined this gear on our machine. And strategy is similar to Streamline but with using Axial shift (Ring height option). And of course I'll show you curvature of tool path. 



Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality


Hi friend,


Can I ask you a question? Who is created this model? You or your designer or reverse engineer?And while this model was being created,was gear engineering applied?was gear data applieded on this model? Because geometric element dimensions and shapes was seems suspicious to me.



Re: 5-axis Contour Profile - CRAP quality


And one thing. Can you show me difference between streamline and contour profile. Because you allege that for beter surface quality, streamline most powerfull than contour profile. How? Please show us details.

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