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5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

Hello all,


Question about milling of sufraces. I wold like to finish sufrace and use (wear of tool) full flank of tool. 

Situation like below


I don't want to belive that NX doesnt have option like this.


Any idea?





Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)



maybe "ring high" option

but I saw it only in variable contour operation, drive method - contour profile - contact position - ring high

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Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

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I would think you could use interpolate vector as your tool axis method if you want to use streamline
I just learned about this option a few weeks ago and it is one of my favorite features for multi axis now.


Try contour profile first instead of streamline though. And use ring height like the above poster mentions.




Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

Like @Juraj says, this is variable ring height in Contour Profile


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Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

Thanks for all explanation but in my opinion this option should be also in streamline operation. When I want to machine only surface which is not straight but convex and create something like "morph" operation then I base on surface and between two boundary curves like below:


Bez tytułu.png

and I don't need any floor surfaces and etc. 

Maybe any one saw this option in NX. 

It should be included in streamline operation. This is normal option in low-level cam software.



Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

You could build a sheet using Through Curve Mesh (which is pretty much the exact same as using Streamline) then use Contour Profile to do exactly what you are wanting to do. And you are not required to use a floor in Contour Profile, select Automatic Auxiliary Floor and then you can set a Distance to offset the tool tip.



Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

Anyone in past and now using in other software described option knows that for milling operation complex surfaces, especially finish operations, this option should be aviable also in NX. Why we have to complicate life and go other way (not always propper) when we have possibility but what we need is only one option - axial shift along tool. This option is espetially great when we have lots of surfaces (for example tooth flanks of gear) and we have to use only one tool and use all part of cutting length. I know what i'm writting because I do it now. All I need in my situation is to have surface and boundary curves which I can pull directly from this surface. So if application engineers they are reading my problem you know what to do :-). Give me this option

Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

We have given you options to achieve what you are wanting to do. If you want someone to listen to your propsed enhancement, contact GTAC and turn in an ER (Enhancement Request) then post the ER number here, so that if anyone agrees with you they can add their name to the ER, the more people the more likely something will be done.

Re: 5 axis Streamline tool axial shift (gradual)

So this is what I did. I've contact with GTAC and there was opened ER 7901140 and I hope it will be considered positive.

Anyway thanks for help and tips.


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