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5-axis and NX12 - what new?


Hi all,


I was wondering what new or maybe improvements will offer NX12 especially in 5-axis topics. And again disappointment. I read disscusion, it was beginning of 2017, about NX vs HyperMill about strategies in multiaxis milling, and someone mentioned if we (users) have any ideas or needs, create enhancement requests and with a little luck Siemens engineeres will do something. So, with hope I did it, I created request. Year ago. It was nothing new what Siemens should create from beginning, it was improvement something what they allready have. Unfortunatelly what I observed with new released version something is only reperaited and something broken. Released notes include only repaired BUGs of NX. PDF notes are allmost same since 10 release. I hope that "gurus" of application engineerings will read this and think that NX is not only one in CAM world.

Released doesn't mean REPAIR.

World goes ahead and NX goes backwards. Wie schade



Re: 5-axis and NX12 - what new?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Mariusz13,

thank you for sharing your concerns.

As we are working with Agile Development, we are continuously releasing new functionality. We are not waiting for major releases anymore and planing in shorter development cycles.


You could notice that with the release of the brand new 5-Axis Operation Tube Mill.


We first released the Tube Finish (picture below) in NX11.0.1, because customers need that especially for cast iron workpieces.

2018-01-16 19_34_51-NX 12 CAM_nx1202 Build CAM_nx1202.74 - Manufacturing.png


After that we released Tube Roughing in NX12 (picture below)

2018-01-16 19_34_36-NX 12 CAM_nx1202 Build CAM_nx1202.74 - Manufacturing.png



These are just two examples of what we are doing in Multi Axis. Please note that Tube Milling is available without any additional license or maintenance costs, which benefits all the current customers with 5-Axis licenses.


We also added a lot of enhancements to our Multi Blade Finishing toolpath, as well as the Tool Axis interpolation, which are targeted for the 12.0.1 release.


Furthermore we are currently working on 5-Axis Guiding Curves, 5-Axis-Adaptive Milling and other enhancements that you will see being released or available in our EAP program.


We highly appreciate your work to file ER's. This is one of our key aspects to know what the customer needs are. Be aware, that we are analyzing all ER's carefully and use them for our planning in development.


We regularly post release information on this Community and also update our Youtube Channel with the newest What's New Guides. You might want to have a look at it.

NX12 CAM Tube Roughing





Re: 5-axis and NX12 - what new?

Solution Partner Pioneer Solution Partner Pioneer
Solution Partner Pioneer

Hello, Mariusz13.


The NX has many features for 5-axis machining.





Re: 5-axis and NX12 - what new?




Thanks for examples but unfortunatelly what I observed companies doesn't produce only parts where input material is box and all operation should be machined by ball nose cutter. Please show me strategy in NX which I can use, where I have to machine surface (for example convex) and I have only this sufrace (nothing else) and those surface is multiplied 50 in circular order and I have to use only one cutter? Someone will say - Streamline. Ok but I want to use END mill cutter and (best choice- life time) and morphed paths between curves will use each part of cutter (maybe this could be strange to explain but something like Ring Option i Contour Profile). This is one example. Another - Streamline with tilted cutter to curve. There is to point, to line but where is Curve?

So as you can see aboved exaples there are nothing new, this is only development of something what exist, what NX should have time ago.



Re: 5-axis and NX12 - what new?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Mariusz,


would you mind sharing those parts you mentioned? If you already shared them with an ER, it would be helpful if you can tell me the ER number (can also be a private message).


It would be much easier to understand your explanations, if we can have a look at those parts.


Thanks in advance for your effort!




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