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5-axis bore


Good afternoon friends, how are you?

I am having problem in repositioning holes, the machine is generating point to point repositioning, I want to know if it is a problem with the post processor or problem with my method, download the attached video for a better understanding.

thank you.DRILL.jpg


Re: 5-axis bore


try this.

NX MP10 / Testing NX 1847 Version 1867
CanikSoft NC Post-Processing & G-Code Simulation

Re: 5-axis bore

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As we see your repositioning move is represented by cycle800 and its move.

Ofcourse it is not common and practical.

I recommend to use for that 5 axis rapid move (xyz ab).

Obviously you are using ootb postprocessor.

So you have to edit your postprocessor what could be quite hard.

Thats why I cant give you several simple advices to fix it.


I recommend also use for postprocessing generic template and built your postprocessor from scratch and you will have  more fre hands. But it could also take time to built some good base.


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