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5-axis variable contour with conical taper ball nose


Using NX11.0.2

Sorry please bear with me as I cannot show images

machining wall of irregular undercut surface (inner face of casing, imagine inverse T-shape but variable undercut sides) surface, there are a number of  vertical boss features with corner and fillet rads rads around bosses side walls and floor.

trying multi axis variable strategy with surface drive with sheet body cylinder as drive surface.

projecting away from cylinder centre line with conical taper Ball nose  (barrel cutter 6mm dial ball R75mm barrel form) 


I would like to control the tangency of the of the R75 with the side walls, is this possible using above strategy or is there alternative. I've tried other strategies, thought contour profile but couldn't get the tangency control, but this one is closet I've come

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