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5 x closed profile

Hi i want to buy 5x cnc and i don't know how to create symoltanous operations.

in the file i want to machine the green faces with the side of mil -8 flat. 1 operation.

please send me to where i can learn this kind of operations.






Re: 5 x closed profile

Single Operation.... Ok. But - I dont know, how you want to mill green faces, on my sample - sample only.


See attached video. 

Accepted by topic author Amnon
‎07-11-2017 12:05 PM

Re: 5 x closed profile

Re: 5 x closed profile


thank"s for your solution,is it possible to create 1 closed profile?

where and how is it best to learn symultanous operations?



thank"s again,



Re: 5 x closed profile

Yes, possible. But I dont know any info about your CNC, it can be impossible for axis limits.

Re: 5 x closed profile


thank"s again, what is the best way to learn the symultanous 5x operations?

where can i find lessons or books?



Re: 5 x closed profile

You should find what you are looking for here : Tech Tips Knowledge Base - NX Manufacturing

and for sequential milling : Sequential Milling video series by @DerekHart


Re: 5 x closed profile

I would start with the tutorial included in your system: Menu > Help > Manufacturing Turotials > 5-Axis Bulkhead Machining.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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