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5axis deburring edges

Hi all,

I need a smaller council. I am shaped part and I need on it fluently in 5 axes deburr sharp edges. My point is that I can change at VARIABLE_CONTOUR point of contact tools. I created a 10mm diameter cutter tip 45. It can somehow change which will affect the cutter? I have enclosed a picture of the model.


Thanks for any advice


Re: 5axis deburring edges

I'm not sure i understood your question but see if the attached solution is good for you




Re: 5axis deburring edges

That's exactly it. 


Thanks very much

Re: 5axis deburring edges

May be - another method..

Re: 5axis deburring edges

It looks good. Could I ask you for a post how you did it?

Re: 5axis deburring edges

[ Edited ]

I use User Defined method for Drive, Tool Axis and Project Vector. All calculated inside UGOPEN dll (CAM Exit Name is a system variable pointed for this dll).

Re: 5axis deburring edges

That it is perfect. So advanced programming'm this and I never used it. Around me it takes some time to knead it, but thank you very much

Re: 5axis deburring edges


Re: 5axis deburring edges

I still have one question. When I open surgery and user management method and want to open the User parameters, so it tells that there is no environment variables Auto_Chamfer. Needed somewhere to add environment variables?

Re: 5axis deburring edges

Of course, you can define Auto_Chamfer system variable, like here:



But - you need dll.

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