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5axis machines - collision - 4th + 5th axis initial range/limits

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Hello guys,


maybe you ve never faced such problem but some action in rotary limits is quite important.

I want to share quite serious issue of reality.


So see attached part with variable contour operation.

5ax machine BC,

Doesnt matter kinematics but for example:

B is 45 degree head with range (0,+180) or (-7,+180) or (-30,+180), but doesnt matter the range.


Or orthogonal kinematics with B limits -90,+30, but doesnt matter the range.


I just want from you - show me please your nc code from attached part with mentioned kinematics above.

I am pretty sure that there will be collision.

I clarify it later. See comments.


 thank you



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Re: 5axis machines - 4th axis range

No collision for me.



Re: 5axis machines - 4th axis range

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first, thank you for your answer.



little zoom:

N..B0 C0 (now system doesnt know that better position of C is 90)



(now it is facing the limits, so it rotates C that B was able to rotate too)

N57 B0.008 C89.999..


N57 is tiny move (sometimes can be bigger) but definitely it is a collision ( with wall and tool tip as well).

C is rotating to let say 90 and also B is moving since start of this move.

I think this normal to get collision and collison must be there.


See lighter area between dots (sorry for quality)



In case bellow, there is bigger jump - bigger collision -from B0C0 to B65,53 C65,5 (!!)

(model without blends)




You can test it on the real machine or in some nc code based simulation sw (again, small collision volume is difficult to see).

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Re: 5axis machines - 4th axis range

Seems possible with the sample sim09


(view in My Videos)

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