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64K Cnc Memory

Currently company bought a CNC milling machine which it is only 64K in cnc memory. But ,,as my program is long than 64K, Doesone know how to fix this case? Or could we use subprogram to run in interal disk?


Thanks in advance!



Re: 64K Cnc Memory

Do you have some kind of DNC system in place?

You can run subprograms directly from your DNC / Server hard drive.



Re: 64K Cnc Memory

Currently We have no DNC!

Re: 64K Cnc Memory

Most new machines have hard drives, so the control might have only 64k but the hard drive can store programs.  Some newest controls have USB or other alike way to hook up memory sticks or hard drive right to them.  You should check the manual and/or check with the manufacturer of that machine. 

Re: 64K Cnc Memory

We had that problem with a machine and just broke the programs up into smaller ones. Not optimal but it worked.
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Re: 64K Cnc Memory

note that you can import some custom comands to help automate breaking a tape into pieces of a specified size. 

Try pb_cmd_tape_break.tcl and pb_cmd_tape_utils.tcl

(they are located in %UGII_BASE_DIR%\POSTBUILD\pblib\custom_command)



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Re: 64K Cnc Memory

Today I checked the manual, And then I set I/O chanel setting and use M198 code to call subprogram from Interal card. It is work well. So,,, I share this information with all the guys!

Thanks for above guys help!

Re: 64K Cnc Memory

We have an old OKK with the same issue, but no hard drive.Was your internal card after market? And if so, where'd you get it?



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Re: 64K Cnc Memory

Our interal card is a small hard disk already in the operarion panel when we purchased this machine. 

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