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840D UDE is not valid for external CLS files


We sometimes use external tools to output CLS and import NX, but today a problem occurs


Using the NX POST BUILDING to create the 840D, import the external CLS five-axis toolpath file and the output program is wrong.
The five-axis tool path created with NX is correct.
It seems that using UDE does not work for externally imported CLS files.
I have encountered difficulties in this issue.


thank you for your help!




Re: 840D UDE is not valid for external CLS files

We do this as well. I need to test. We are currently using V10.03MP16 but will soon use NX12.02. We do not use an out of the box post though. We issue A3 B3 C3 for tool vector/rotaries (as well.) Hopefully that would not be affected by anything. I think they just use mom_tool_axis variable. I won't be testing the OTB post but think I need to see if something changes with NX12.
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