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A useful tip (possibly) regarding ALARM 61212 in CSE simulation

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I've been building a multiple head Mill Turn machining center in INCH mode (Siemens 840D) using NX 9.  I'm down to the fine tuning and decided to try to eliminate the ALARM 61212 that's been plaquing me.  This is a Siemens alarm that says the tool is the wrong type and it pops up for drills.


The patterns I've seen are this:


If you simulate one drilling operation and the tool # is 2, it will simulate.

If you simulate one drilling  operation and the tool # is not 2, you get the alarm

If you simulate a series of drilling operations and all the tool #'s are 2, only the first one works

If you simulate a series of drilling operations and the tool #'s are 2, 3, 4... only the last op fails


The fix - in the source user's TCL file that outputs the .ini file I diid three things.


First; I grabbed a source user's TCL file from an  NX 10 sample project.  NX9 not so good.

Second; I organized the tool data variable output proc so the data are output in groups; drills first then all others.

Third; I overwrote the drilling tool #'s that come out of NX so that they start at 2 and increment by 1.  My ISV is set up to use names for loading tools so NX tool numbers aren't important.


Works like a charm. Smiley Happy



First drilling tool:


$TC_DP1[2,1] = 200



Next drilling tool:


$TC_DP1[3,1] = 200



If there are a couple of other tools ahead of the first drilling operation, the first drilling tool # will be > 2 but the system still works.


Hope I saved somebody some head banging.





George Bennett
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