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About Back Countersinking

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Valued Contributor




Notwithstanding the fact that the tool for Back Countersinking may have only 45 degrees, I once tested something:


1) Documentation is incorrect: dbc_cutter_subtype(0) must be 14, not 2
2.) dbc variable for the Neck Diameter is not documented
3.) dbc_tool_min_hole_diameter => there I get no value in NXCAM
4.) dbc_tool_insert_size => there I get no value in NXCAM
5.) dbc_cutter_diameter(0) does not work, i must specify dbc_lib_tool_diameter(0)
6) Generating a standard tools from tool_database_new.dat I get an Internal Error
7) In the Dokumetation i can read: MRL mapping is not yet supported for this tool type. Is this also true on the TDM interface and I have this problems?


Your documentation:


2016-04-04 09_39_56-Siemens-Dokumentation - Internet Explorer.png

Information of a new created tool:

2016-04-04 09_43_00-Information.png

PA, PL, FL I don't expect. I miss SDIA, MHD and IS like in documentation.

I am very disappointed with what a software version and documentation we get here.


NX10.0.3.5 MP2




Re: About Back Countersinking


In agile development, we often deliver functionality in several steps, rather than wait until everything is complete. I suspect we are seeing the same thing here with the documentation. We would rather get this functionality in your hands now, than wait for NX 11.

Please please log a call with GTAC ( NX - CAM - DOCUMENTATION) so that your feedback is directed to the writers. 

Can you explain what you mean by "6) Generating a standard tools from tool_database_new.dat "?  I just checked, and I can retrieve and export back countersinking tools in NX 10.0.3 MP4 with no errors. 

TDM is a third party product, so you need to contact them directly,

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: About Back Countersinking

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Mark,


thank you for your answer. I've created a Request in GTAC (IR 7683357)


About 6) Generating a standard tools from tool_database_new.dat: Please look at the video


(view in My Videos)

Re: About Back Countersinking

Like I said, in OOTB 10.0.3 MP4 I don't see the error: 

(view in My Videos)


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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