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Add operation after mirrored operation




I am trying to same myself time on a nearly mirrored part.
It looks like a mold with two nearly the same sides.


I created for one side a group of 4 roughing operations, of which 3 are sufficient for the other side.
The 4th needs to have some changes.
I tried to remove the dependency and update the geometry.

But the mirrored operations do not contribute to an IPW so my 4th operation on the mirrored side starts all over from the blank.

- I thought of taking an operation where I can add the starting stock, not so easy for a large collection of trimmed B-surfaces.
- Or I could add for operation 4 a blank with certain offset from part geometry and start from there on.


Any advices on to approach this optimally?


Re: Add operation after mirrored operation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Can you upload the part?
Lead Product Manager - Mold & Die

Re: Add operation after mirrored operation


It is not so easy to share the project file.
But it doesn't really matter, let's say you have 2 half spherical bowls in a cube symmetrical 
One side however has a small pocket on the inside.

So I create the cutting of the half bowl, mirror to the other side.
Try to continue with the pocket using the IPW that isn't there.

This is a very abstract representation, in real case I have much more and complicated paths and geometries that would save programming time I believe.

I've attached .zip of the part and project file of the principle case above

Re: Add operation after mirrored operation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I spoke to the developers who created the newer Mirror functionality. There is a reason that they made this work this way, and so this is currently working as designed. In short, it was meant more for mirroring tool paths on separate parts rather than on features on the same part.


However, there is an acceptable workaround. Follow these steps on the Test_retract_setup_2.prt part file you uploaded:


-Delete operation CAVITY_MILL_1.

-Put CAVITY_MILL_2 under Unused Items in the Program Order View for now.

-Right-mouse button select operation CAVITY_MILL and select Object-->Transform.

-In the Transformations dialog, set Type to Mirror Through a Plane.

-Specify the same plane you used to mirror the operation the last time and select OK.

-Place CAVITY_MILL_2 under the new CAVITY_MILL_INSTANCE operation just created.

-Edit operation CAVITY_MILL_2.

-Edit the Cutting Parameters and set In Process Workpiece to Use 3D in the Containment tab.

-Generate the operation. The tool path is now as you expected.


Open the part files I am attaching to this to see the results.


Using Object-->Transform-->Mirror Through a Plane is actually different than Object-->Mirror. Object-->Mirror is newer and is meant for a specific workflow of multiple parts as stated before. If you would like the option to mirror tool path on symmetric features on the same part using this functionality, then you will have to create an ER. For now, just use Transform.

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