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Another problem with hole_milling in NX10


In NX8.5 I had following to tell the system, where the toolpath should start:


Regardless of the pilothole, the toolpath has been generated as specified


In NX10 I only have "Offset from Start Diameter" and the Start Diameter is allways the pilothole. If there is no pilothole I can say "Offset from Start Diameter" = 0 or 5 or 10 or 100, there is no change in the toolpath. 


Is this behavior intendend or may it be that this will change again in next NX-version? Is it perhaps a bug?

Accepted by topic author jobe
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Another problem with hole_milling in NX10

This was an intentional change and has been documented. It was done to align in with the new NX9 drilling which supports an In-Process Feature concept. The start diameter can now be inferred from a previous (drilling or hole milling) operation. It can be found within the feature geometry dialog.

I.e.In NX 8.5, if a Blank Distance of 5mm has been defined for a 20mm hole, it will turn into a 15mm Start Diameter in NX 9 and NX 10.

The "Offset from Start Diameter' is a parameter to sepcify how far from the Start Diameter to begin the cutting passes.






Re: Another problem with hole_milling in NX10

Thanks Oliver.

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