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Any tutorials available for ISV?


Our analysis group for GM powertrain manufacturing would like to learn how to use ISV.  Currently, we are using NX7.5, although, I understand we will be migrating to NX8 soon.  Is there any tutorial information that comes with the NX build, or something available through the Siemens website that can help us get started?


Also, if there are any training classes for ISV, we would like to hear more about those as well.


Many Thanks,


Pat Hilber


Yes. Although none of the in-software tutorials focus spe...

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Yes. Although none of the in-software tutorials focus specifically on machine simulation, there are several available resources that can help get you up and going with machine simulation:


(1) Software documentation – the help contents include a substantial section on Integrated Simulation and Verification.



(2) Samples folder – NX CAM installations include a folder that contains several different machine simulation models and some background on how to use them:  ..\MACH\samples\nc_simulation_samples\  Inside this folder is a .pdf document that describes the various machine simulation examples and how to use them: Working_with_OOTB_MACH_Simulation_Examples.pdf





(3) The Learning Advantage – subscriptions are available for self-paced, computer based training at the Learning Advantage. There are two courses there on NC Simulation and Verification:



Beyond these, training and custom training would be available as needed.

Derek Hart
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