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Arc output G02

I want to output arcs  arc.jpgnc files is G02, but only the G01. please help me.


Re: Arc output G02

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it looks like no circle but some spline,

look at replay:


and if this is the case I am talking about and you dont see CIRCLE - everything is alright and dont even think about G02/03 Smiley Happy

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Re: Arc output G02

In the operation dialog of the tool path you are post-processing, double check that Motion Output Type in the Machine Control group is set to Arc - Perp to Tool Axis.

Re: Arc output G02

as juraj said, if there are no CIRCLE moves in the internal toolpath (I use: Right-click on operation -> toolpath -> list) then you will never get arc output.

Note if you are doing this for high speed machining, you probably WANT G1 output (although I am no expert, I have heard that the HSM algorithms have to "stop" at arc moves, then restart again after the arc, which will slow down processing/machining)


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Re: Arc output G02

thank you very much.

Re: Arc output G02

thank for reply.

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