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Assign nc axis C4 to channel 1 and 2 in CSE driver

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Hello everyone,

Would anyone advise me how to add in CSE nc axis C4 to both channel 1 and 2? I have the M45 connection of the C-axis according to the channel used. I need to assign an axis to both channels when milling on Channels 1 and 2.

Thank you




Re: Assign nc axis C4 to channel 1 and 2 in CSE driver

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Siemens Phenom



than need to be done inside the kinematics model in the MTB.


As the spindles C4 can/need be assigned to both channels.
"Channel Configuration" Make sure C4 is in both channel as "Referenced Spindles"


As an axis (interpolation) it is possible to assign it to one channel only, but this is the initial state at start of simulation."Assigned Axis"


When during simulation a different channel will use these axis it first need to be removed from the initial channel and assigned to the desired channel.


Check the CSE commands:

  • AttachJoint
  • DetachJoint
  • RetrievJoint

In the Sinumerik CCF it is implemented in GET and GETD


Hope it helps





Thomas Schulz
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