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Associative MCS

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I was wondering there was a way to make my MCS associaitve? Being a job shop, many times I'm forced to use a piece of scrap material to make my parts. The method I use for setting up my blank material I I create a box around the part with the "bounding body" command and then I use synconous modeling to make it match my actual, physical blank material. 


The probably I run into and it was costed me broken tool and messed up parts, is that if I change the dimensions on my blank my MCS stays put and doesn't stay with my new corner location. ( I alway use the top left or bottom left corner of the part for my MCS. 


So, is there a way make the MCS associative so that if the change the blank box dimensions is MCS automatically follows the change so that I don't have to manually and potentially forget to update it. 




Re: Associative MCS

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

It should be associative, if you use the edges as the x and y axis for instance.

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Re: Associative MCS

You control the associativity of a coordinate system by how you define it. If you are in dynamic mode, it's usually not associative. To make it associative, use a method that requires selecting geometry, such as 2 axes or 3 points. 

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Re: Associative MCS

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Valued Contributor
I'll give a go. I almost always use dynamic mode as its just the fastest, easiest way to set it up. Thanks.

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