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Back Chamfer Tool Problem in NX11

Trying to describe solid Carbide Chamfer and back chamfer tool in NX 11. It appears to want an insert and I keep getting various error messages relating to Insert size and hole diameterTool in questionTool in questionChamfer Tool Error Message.png


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Re: Back Chamfer Tool Problem in NX11


See video in link. I dont think this operation type is for standard milling type tools as shown in the picture you posted.

Re: Back Chamfer Tool Problem in NX11

Your tool looks like there is no offset. In the back countersink tool, the neck is offset from centerline, creating the Neck Diameter when spinning. In the back countersink cycle, the tool is lowered through the hole off center with the spinde off, then moves to center, turns on the spindle, and feeds up. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Back Chamfer Tool Problem in NX11

Hi Mark,

What I am trying to do is use the solid tool to both Chamfer the top then drop in and chamfer the bottom using a circular interpolation. Thinking about it maybe I could describe the tool as a thread mill ? but the tool does not look correct when I try to use standard dialog in NX. It is more like a t Slot Cutter but with angled sides


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Re: Back Chamfer Tool Problem in NX11


This operation does not support the tool you are trying to use. I use this style tool in a lot of my programming. "Double Angle Chamfer Tool"

Define it as a user defined tool and use a 2d planar profile with tracking points to create your chamfer.

Set the non cutting engage and retract to point and select the center of the hole.



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