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Best Production Practices

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I was wondering if anyone had tips for Production setups in NX. I'll using 2 double station vises. One vise will setup for the top the my part and the other will be setup for the bottom. These are my only setups. I'd like to optimize all of my tool which mean cutters jumping between offsets before switching to the next tool. Any tips will be appreciated. 


I'm currently trying to make an assembly with the parts and then use the Copy with Reference command. If anyone else does this method do you link wave geometry from the parts to the parent part file first? 




Re: Best Production Practices

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Valued Contributor
I do something similar, I use paste with reference but I dont wavelink geometry. I used to, now I only wavelink if I need to tweak geometry or create a floor plane or make a drive surface.

Re: Best Production Practices

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Wave linking the geometry from the components is not really necessary for copy/paste with reference to work but if there is a need it will support it.

Best to create an assembly with as many part component instances that you want to program. Each workpiece object should hold its own instance (or wave link of it).

Then program one part and use copy/paste with reference to copy the CAM objects to the other part. The operation sequence in the program view will be optimized already, meaning a copied operation will come right after its source operation.

Do the same for the 2nd setup. You can use IPW flow functionality within the blank selection of the 2nd setup and point to the IPW’s of the 1st setup.  

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