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Bind mcs to a program

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Valued Contributor


I was wondering if there was a way to bind or group a MCS from the geometry navigator to a specific program under the program order. Say I'm under the Geometry navigator and I'm adding it my operations and I originally want to drill in my first MCS setup. Then changes to the part are made and I determine that it would be optimal to wait until the second MCS setup and operations to put these holes in. Well if I drag and drop the drill operation in the Geometry navigator, it still stays in my program_1 folder and I have to drag and drop it again into my program_2 folder. 


Also when copy pasting similar operations from setup to setup it would be nice if they switched at the same time. Keep in mind I could be using NX in an unorthodox way. My understanding is that when you go to post your code, the program order supersedes the geometry order. 


I hope I was able to articulate what I'm trying to accomplish here. 




Re: Bind mcs to a program

There is no binding between program and geometry groups, other than the rules to keep the views synchronized if operations are in the same geometry goup. They each have a relationship is to the operation. Each operation has 4 parents, and this the only place the program and geometry groups come together. I'm not sure if my explanation helps or confuses ;*)

The output order is determined solely by the Program Order View of the Operation Navigator. If you want to change the output order or operations in different geometry groups, you should do it in the program view. 


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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