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Bypassing MOM Events within postbuilder

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Hello World,

Does anyone know a way of programmatically bypassing a particular MOM event , if a particular scenario is met. I want to simply return out of the event without actioning further command or blocks attached within post builder. I can sort of do this with the block suppression feature but this doesn't work easily with custom commands plus I would need to add it to all commands and I really just want to bail out straight away.




proc MOM_end_of_path { } {


global mom_sys_add_cutting_time mom_sys_add_non_cutting_time global mom_cutting_time mom_machine_time

# Accumulated time should be in minutes.

set mom_cutting_time [expr $mom_cutting_time + $mom_sys_add_cutting_time]

set mom_machine_time [expr $mom_machine_time + $mom_sys_add_cutting_time + $mom_sys_add_non_cutting_time]

MOM_reload_variable mom_cutting_time

MOM_reload_variable mom_machine_time

if [llength [info commands PB_CMD_kin_end_of_path] ]

{ PB_CMD_kin_end_of_path }



Re: Bypassing MOM Events within postbuilder

There is MOM_abort_event command - or the following could "abort" an event with no action:


rename MOM_end_of_path MOM_UGS_end_of_path

proc MOM_end_of_path {} {
  if {!$condition} {MOM_UGS_end_of_path}



Windows 7 Pro

Re: Bypassing MOM Events within postbuilder

Another option

If you don't mind that the "hidden" (in PB) stuff is run (i.e. everything up to and including the "PB_CMD_kin_end_of_path" stuff in your example)


Then just create one "PB_CMD_MrJSON_End_Of_Path" custom command.

Have it as the ONLY (visible) call in the "End of Path" event.


Add you logic to it about what to do (or not do).


- You can call other custom commands

- You can output blocks (MOM_do_template)






Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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