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Bypassing MOM Events within postbuilder

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Hello World,

Does anyone know a way of programmatically bypassing a particular MOM event , if a particular scenario is met. I want to simply return out of the event without actioning further command or blocks attached within post builder. I can sort of do this with the block suppression feature but this doesn't work easily with custom commands plus I would need to add it to all commands and I really just want to bail out straight away.




proc MOM_end_of_path { } {


global mom_sys_add_cutting_time mom_sys_add_non_cutting_time global mom_cutting_time mom_machine_time

# Accumulated time should be in minutes.

set mom_cutting_time [expr $mom_cutting_time + $mom_sys_add_cutting_time]

set mom_machine_time [expr $mom_machine_time + $mom_sys_add_cutting_time + $mom_sys_add_non_cutting_time]

MOM_reload_variable mom_cutting_time

MOM_reload_variable mom_machine_time

if [llength [info commands PB_CMD_kin_end_of_path] ]

{ PB_CMD_kin_end_of_path }



Re: Bypassing MOM Events within postbuilder


There is MOM_abort_event command - or the following could "abort" an event with no action:


rename MOM_end_of_path MOM_UGS_end_of_path

proc MOM_end_of_path {} {
  if {!$condition} {MOM_UGS_end_of_path}



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Re: Bypassing MOM Events within postbuilder

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Another option

If you don't mind that the "hidden" (in PB) stuff is run (i.e. everything up to and including the "PB_CMD_kin_end_of_path" stuff in your example)


Then just create one "PB_CMD_MrJSON_End_Of_Path" custom command.

Have it as the ONLY (visible) call in the "End of Path" event.


Add you logic to it about what to do (or not do).


- You can call other custom commands

- You can output blocks (MOM_do_template)






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