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CAM Milling Vise

Up until recently I've been using fixed workholding *aka* Dovetail vises I made.

Now I'm using more Kurt and Self centering vises in my programming and like the jaws to be modeled as accurately as possible.


Right now I have some assemblies created with the vises. I import the vise into the CAM, wavelink the jaws, either custom model jaws or just position them correctly. It becomes a cluster managing everything.


What does everyone else do for this? Turn the vise into a "reuse"? Deal with wavelinks?



Re: CAM Milling Vise

I have fixtures as reusable parts. Jaw distance is made with a synchronous modeling dimension. When adding the part there is a short list with dimensions, but you can also type in width or diameter you want.
Easy to setup, explain and use.
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Re: CAM Milling Vise

I do the reuse library as well.  I leave the floating jaw with one degree of freedom and then override the position when I get it into my assembly.

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Re: CAM Milling Vise

Are there any tutorials or instructions on how to convert it to a reuse part?

Re: CAM Milling Vise



Re: CAM Milling Vise

I think there are some videos in the tech tips section of this board.

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Re: CAM Milling Vise

Yes, there are a couple of nice Knowledge Base articles on using the Re-use Library:


Intro to using the Re-use Library by Mike Mannino


Library samples for you to download

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