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CAM Turning - Export IPW Model


How does one export an IPW model in CAM-Turning? I do NOT want the IPW model to show the workpiece spinning, however.


Re: CAM Turning - Export IPW Model

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You can use Verify Tool Path to save an IPW as a facet body on a layer to export.


Make active the layer you want the IPW to be saved to.

Select the operation in the part file that you want the IPW to come from.

Select Verify Tool Path in the Operations group of the Home tab.

Choose the 3D Dynamic tab in the Tool Path Visualization dialog.

Set IPW to Save.

Play the operation all the way through.

After the tool path animation is complete, select the Create button and then select OK. This saves the IPW as an independent facet body in the active layer.


You can now use File-->Export-->Part to export this facet body to a new part file.

Re: CAM Turning - Export IPW Model


In Manufacturing-Turning this still shows the part "Spinning" which is fine when dealing with a slug or billet. I am using a cast which I want to to see its features "static" in IPW form to export and use for the next process. Or did i miss a check box in your process? 

Re: CAM Turning - Export IPW Model


I have used a dummy milling operation to force a 3D IPW update.

A simple curve or point drive that just touches the blank.

I can't remember if it's needed before the turning, after or both

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