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CAM and Teamcenter

NX 9 and TC 10


Many, maybe all, of our CAM guys don't use the Teamcenter rich client, instead launching TC via a seperat .bat file.   They have been encouraged by Siemens CAM reps to work this way, since they don't "need" full on Teamcenter.  I have no issue with this, but now they are wondering, if they get a work order for a part number they have made before, how do they find the CAM file in Teamcenter, using the built in Teamcenter navigator in NX?


In the rich client, I can search the part number, then use the impact analysis to see what CAM file is using the model, but the navigator in NX doesn't have an impact analysis tool.


How is this done at other companies?  it seems the connection between the CAM file and the master model, isn't as well defined, as say the master model to the drawing.

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Re: CAM and Teamcenter

Our CAM guys use the full client.

If you assign the CAD part item ID as the "Item name" for the CAM part, can you search the "Item name" property in the NX navigator?


Note (typically) the drawing is just a different dataset in the CAD part item, so once you find one, you find both (yes, I am aware some companies use separate items for the model and the drawing)



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Re: CAM and Teamcenter

"If you assign the CAD part item ID as the "Item name" for the CAM part, can you search the "Item name" property in the NX navigator?"


That was my suggestion to them, along with putting CAM in the name, to make it very obvious what it was.

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Re: CAM and Teamcenter

There is an impact analysis in NX, see Information => Assembly => Where Used.

Sorry, there is no where referenced.

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Re: CAM and Teamcenter

That may would be nice if it was part of the TC Navigator, but this is a plus, thanks!

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