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CLS File Customization Question

Hi All,

  Due to a needed shift in my company's direction it has become necessary for us to shift away from PostBuilder to a 3rd party posting solution (in our case ICAM). Our training on this is scheduled for next week but I am looking into some the foreseeable issues. One of the things we have done for a long time is to use the Tool Attributes to define additional needed information that is not handled by the cutter definition. Our Siemens controls can use an alpha-numeric for a tool number and to control this we use a Tool Attribute Variable to pass the information to PostBuilder since NX is incapable of utilizing this feature of Siemens controls. Is there a way to customize the CL File Output to read these variables or will we need to convert to using UDE's. I looked at the documentation but I am not finding a lot of information, of course I could just be looking in the wrong place. Any help would be appreciated.


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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: CLS File Customization Question

The CLS files are generated with a specially crafted post, so everything you do with a post can be done to enhance the CLS output.


See "%UGII_BASE_DIR%\MACH\resource\tool_path" for the Tcl files to output CLS files.


I would suggest to create your own CLS output Tcl file.

It should source in the standard CLS Tcl file that best matches your desired output.

You can then overwrite procedures to enhance the output.

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Re: CLS File Customization Question

Thank you, I just found that directory and was coming to that conclusion. I greatly appreciate your help.

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