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CMM-Simulation: Collions detecting with NXOpen programm


Hello Everybody,


Im using NX 1872 and trying to make a CMM-Simulation with my NC Open Programm.

My Setup (Inspection Setup File with Workpart, Maschine and Tools) is done.

Now i start the Simulation (via NXOpen Programm).


My next Step is to detect Collisions, while Simulating, in my Programm. So that i can use the Informationen in my Programm directly. At the Moment the Simulation gives me an warning message or i can see the Collisions on the Detail-Box of the Simulation Window.(see Attachment)

So how can i get this Information in my NXOpen-Programm? Is there a command to reach the Details of the Simulation?


Thanks a lot!


Rickmer Krohn







Re: CMM-Simulation: Collions detecting with NXOpen programm

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Rickmer,


it is possible to save the content of the "details" window via script API function. You have to scan and analyze as you get it as a complete text field or a file. Attached a short vb script which hopefully show your the idea behind and will be helpful.

    • The API function is:
      simDebugBuilder1.DumpToFileName = "C:\temp\details"
    • Make sure you have an object selected in the ONT and run the script it will create a file with the name “details” in the folder C:\temp\.
      Tested with NX10.0.2 and CAM setup sim11_tunr_2ax_cam_sinumerik.prt
    • NOTE: Due to the fact the API is not officially documented we cannot offer typically maintenance through GTAC.
Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: CMM-Simulation: Collions detecting with NXOpen programm


Thanks for the Journal!


It works for NX 1872 as well and generates the Details-file.


Now i got a new Problem with the automation of the simulation, which is pretty deep and not possible to get a journal from. I will make a new Post about it later. 


Thanks for your help SpaceTom! 

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