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CMM-Simulation: Creating the temporary DMI for the Simulation


Hello together,


my goal is it to make a CMM simulation with my NXOpen programm and not per hand (mouseclicks).

Setup and generating the Inspection Path (via Link to PMI) is done. Now I got a problem with the simulation itself.


To start the simulation, you open up the Simulation-Window and press "play". The virtual maschine knows where to go through a temporary DMI file, which NX generates and refreshes for each simulation. This file is generated, when opening the simulation window. The command for this operation is not in the journal and I haven't found it in the documentation yet.


So, how can I create or refresh the temporary DMI file for my CMM simulation via code? 

(I use NX1872)


Thanks in advance,


Rickmer Krohn 


Re: CMM-Simulation: Creating the temporary DMI for the Simulation


So, it is possible to generate a dmi for the simulation with:

workPart.InspectionSetup.Postprocess(theCAMObject, "DMIS", @"H:\ntprofile.V2\Documents\UserName\NX1872\test.dmis", NXOpen.CAM.CAMSetup.OutputUnits.PostDefined);


but the "postprocess" dmi is different than the dmi that NX generates. Both are generated by "insp_dmis.tcl".

Because of the differents, the simulation of NX cannot read the dmi from the postprocces (see code above) properly. (no Tools and therefore no paths are simulated)


Both dmis are in the attachments. The Name of the Tools and the angeles of them are shown in line 8,9 and 14 but in different ways.

How it is possible to create a dmi that NX can fully read?

Is it possible to change the Tcl so the postprocessor generates the right .dmi?

or are they some workarounds for the issue.


Thanks in advanced !




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