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CMM program book?

Is there any in depth tutorials? I followed Siemens video but not getting no result. If there is books that can be bought I would love to do that. Also was wanting to know if some day siemens would have its own software like pcdmis since we already have capabilities to use check roundness all that.

Re: CMM program book?

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

We have some deeper tutorials available. Please contact your Siemens account manager for details.

Re: CMM program book?


Hi there,

We are a company working about multi axis postprocessors and machine simulation.

Our software reads toolpath from CAD-CAM softwares and converts it to machine code.

The simulation software simulates and checks the nc code for errors.


Our software is not only a postprocessor. It reads toolpath and allows user to do transformations on toolpath. (Translation, rotation, scale, mirror and probe transformations)


User can manually transform operations or transformation can be created from probing results.

We are developing it for a customer. Customer wants every operation to be transformed according the measurement results there. (Local transformations for every operations including rotations).


Our software does not needs the probing operation from CAM software. It is possible to create probing operation in our software.


We also developed Form Control functionality. So user can use our software as a cmm.

We tested it for heidenhain controller at the moment and a customer of us is using it.


It can tell us the 3d model surfaces are in tolerance or not on machine side. Also we can get probing results from machine and it can be seen on computer side wit deviations on graphics screen.


We are working about some demonstration videos. I will share later.


If anyone interested we can give online demonstartion.


Best regards.

Kadir Canik


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