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CSE - CYCL DEF 301 solution



has anyone a solution to use CYCL DEF 301 with CSE simulation?



Thanks and best wishes from Hamburg




Re: CSE - CYCL DEF 301 solution

Best regards from Moscow!

I open Cycle programming manual for Heid530, and, excuse me, I cannot find CYCL DEF 301.

ITNC OR PILOT? Can you send short description?

Re: CSE - CYCL DEF 301 solution

I have unfortunately no further information.


This cycle is similar to the PLANE SPATIAL and is made for MATEC tool machines.

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‎09-10-2015 12:03 PM

Re: CSE - CYCL DEF 301 solution

Any CYCLE that is created by the machine tool vendor needs to be implemented manually.


The easiest is to call an external "Any-Controller" program as it is done with the tool change, this would then call the correct PLANE SPATIAL block.

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Re: CSE - CYCL DEF 301 solution

Thank you all!


For the first, I use the PLANE SPATIAL for the simulation.

Re: CSE - CYCL DEF 301 solution

Hello VIktor

For the post processor, how did you applied the CYCLE DEF 300? As a UDE or as part of the rotation definition?

Thanks and best regards from Mexico!

Re: CSE - CYCL DEF 301 solution

Hello PabloMF,


in my postprocessor this cycle is used for every swiveling operation and defines the rotation, so I don't need an UDE for the output.


Best wishes


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