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CSE - G41/G42 NX85

Hello everybody,


I have a strange problem.

With getRadCorrection() there is the correct radius, but the radius correction doesnt work.


What could be the problem?




Best wishes



Re: CSE - G41/G42 NX85

Hi Viktor,

Please try turn on the Use Tool Radius for Cutter Compensation in the Similation Settings dialog box.


I hope it helps.

Jean Marcel

Re: CSE - G41/G42 NX85

Hi Jean,


this option is only available while simulation an external NC code?!


One more note, with an other tool the radius compensation works fine...




Re: CSE - G41/G42 NX85

Hi Viktor,


I don't have NX 8.5 installed.

But I guess yes, this options is available while simulation an external NC Code as Display Cutcom as Contact Contour.

Jean Marcel

Re: CSE - G41/G42 NX85

As I know there is the folowing behavior.
If the Tool is used in an operation with Contact Contour then in getRadCorrection() is the Radius of the Tool.
If the Tool is not used in an operation that have Contact Contour than getRadCorrection() has 0.
Ba careful if the tool is used in both Kind of oerations (with and without contact) than getRadCorrection() is always the Tool Radius.

Accepted by topic author VikP
‎09-01-2016 05:22 AM

Re: CSE - G41/G42 NX85

Do i understrood it right? 

ISV uses the correct values when using getRadCorrection(), but motions is not corrrect.

And with a different tool same operation you also get correct values when using getRadCorrection() and

motions is corrrect.


Then sorry, no idea maybe talk to GTAC.


Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: CSE - G41/G42 NX85

Hi Thomas,


correct, that's how I mean it...


It's strange, but ok.


Best regards


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