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[CSE] Get next joint value


Hello everyone.


Can CSE working with HEIDENHAIN contour command like a RND, for example? In OOTB examples RND not working. I developed my own algorithm for this command but have some trouble. For correct behavior I need to know joint position in next line. I'm sure CSE knows this, because it needed for calculating tool radius compensation. How can I get this values? 





Re: [CSE] Get next joint value

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there is no way in CSE (XML - customizable part) to get the joint positions of future NC code lines. The radius compensation is done in core this need to be activated in the driver only with related CSE kernel commands.


I wonder why you are saying the RND is not working inside the OOTB. As far as I see it is part of the CCF and is implemented and should work. If you find a problem with the RND I like to ask you to get in contact with GTAC and report that.




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Re: [CSE] Get next joint value

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I can say - for Fanuc and Siemens chamfer working.

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