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CSE - Heidenhain Cycle Declaration

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Hello everybody,


I need your help with the following problem:

The Heidenhain cycle 252 should be executed only after the positioning in X/Y and M99.

Currently, the cycle ist read and after that it jumps to the subroutine.


I search a command to declare CYCLE DEF 252 as a "cycle" in the MCF?
Where do I start?

Thank you very much!

Accepted by topic author VikP
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: CSE - Heidenhain Cycle Declaration

Hi VikP,


you have to create a Cycle Command "CYCLE_DEF_252" in MCF/CCF. The metacode of this commands sets the Systemdata 10,3,getStackSize(),252.


It should like this in XML




When using the CYCL CALL later in NC code, this systemdata is used to call the subprogram

There is no adaption needed from your side. It´s implemented as shown below







Re: CSE - Heidenhain Cycle Declaration

I'm excited.
I lacked the getStackSize().


Thank you very much for you help!

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