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CSE: I,J,K values in G2 / G3 motions

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The machine (Fanuc - control system) requires to output I-component of circular interpolation (for example G03 X14.015 C0.0 I-12.948 J2.682) in diametric mode and J and K - in a radius mode at the same time.

In the base CSE all components I,J,K - are used in radial mode.


Can I do the following - CSE should read the I-parameter from NC-code, but it carried out the movement by a value I, reduced by a factor 2 (than in real NC-code)?




Re: CSE: I,J,K values in G2 / G3 motions

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Siemens Phenom

Customization can be done by overwrite the I command in your MCF. The related CSE core function is SetCircleParameter and here you then need to divide the value from the NC code before you send them to the CSE core.


But are you sure that the real controller will use for I a kind of a diameter value as this is usually always the distance from the start point to the center. I never face a case that the I value is dependent on diameter mode setting.


Thomas Schulz
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