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CSE Okuma with GV_bUseLoadOffset FALSE



I´m doing a CSE simulation and there is something isn´t working fine.


I have a global variable GV_bUseLoadOffset with the value FALSE (In the code I put the values manually).


I think that the G15 H works OK, enter in the GME_ActivateOffset, and firstly dont use LoadOffset but at the end, It takes these values.




In my code:



At the end of GME_ActivateOffset..OK



But finally...



I don´t like Z-688 and CSE displaceOrigin this value..


Why does this happen?


Many thanks,


Best regards,



Re: CSE Okuma with GV_bUseLoadOffset FALSE

Hello Christian,


I shortly try to reproduce it with OOTB sim05 but failed. I mean I do not see the problem you seeing with that strange changing Z value. Please collect the data and provide it to GTAT for create an IR so that we could have a closer look into.




Tested in NX10.0.3

Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: CSE Okuma with GV_bUseLoadOffset FALSE

Hi Christian,


as far as I understood your mentioned problem. If you want to switch between internal and external offset settings (LoadOffset True/False). You have to set the global variable "GV_bUseLoadOffset" TRUEor FALSE inside the "CSEInitializeChannel" method and not within the global variable settings.



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