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CSE Sync Functions

Hi to all,
I'm trying to make an IS&V for an swiss type mill-turn machine with Fanuc DUAL CHANNEL. The post processor development is being made in parallel by another guy.
So, i'm editing the commands and variables of the MCF file in order to the ISV can understand a couple of NC Files that have been provided by the user.

The problem that I'm stuck is currently is the Synchro codes.

This machine has the Sync codes M500 to M599, and the OOTB Fanuc (Sim 13 mm Fanuc) has the M100> codes... So, i've edited the M Functions from 1xx to 5xx. But it still doesn't works.

As I'm starting to learn about these issues it is likely to be trying to solve the wrong way.

What i've did is in the image below. I'm in the right way? Why it doesn't work?

Currently, if i use "Simulate Machine Code File" it runs one of the files until it finish, an once the first channel file finish, begin to reproduce the second file.

I've tried to do the same with the OOTB (with a pair of files outputted previously with the OOTB sample ) and it works well, so, i think the way of simulation is not the problem.




Accepted by topic author DBaccile
‎11-12-2015 10:08 AM

Re: CSE Sync Functions

Hi DBaccile,


did you defined the range #8110 and #8111 as it is described in the method GMe_SetSyncPointByMCode?


Re: CSE Sync Functions

Thanks you VERY VERY MUCH!

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