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CSE, Tracking Points for Tools, Nothing to understand...

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I have created CSE-model for 3-channel EMCO65, complex turn-mill CNC machine, working, too interesting, but I have one non-understandable problem, I will show my questions for sim11_turn_2x (Siemens), you can repeat my exercises.


I have just simple cylinder as part or blank.

I have MSC==WCS==Absolute CSYS - all coordinate system coincident, please, see Pic1

pic1.pngPic 1

Next, I want use OD left turning tool, Square insert, 45 deg orientation angle, 0.10 nose radius (not so important), size - 15 mm, and Turning Holder type D, pic2:


For this tool I want to use ALL 4 tracking points. I understand, it impossible for real tool and CNC, just for CSE experiment.

I have assigned 4 tracking points and I see correct tool position for each point, see pic3:

pic3.pngPic 3, 4 tracking point

Lets add CNC-machine sim11_turn_2ax, I put my turning tool into POCKET_1, see pic4:

pic4.pngPic4, sim11_turn_2ax addedAnd I "pull down" my tool with 56.00 mm from toolholder, for best showability. 


Run simulation, and I want to execute too simple nc-code




G54 D1

G0 X0Z0


G54 I set as $P_UIFR(1)


For D1 - ALL RIGHT, I have exact motion to X0 Z0, see pic5:

pic5.pngPic5, Motion to X0 Z0 with D1

Ok. You can see L, Q, Z corrections, expected values, L=Q=0.0, Z=-56 (my pull down value)


Repeat our nc-code, but with D2 value, see pic6:

pic6.pngPic6, Motion to X0 Z0 with D2

INCORRECT motion. And for Q-correction you can see non-zero value (why??), and Q-correction = L_of_insert*sin(Insert_angle).


Trust me, a same for D2, D3, but different Q sign.

The same problem for My Own 3D-tools for library.


Here - one part of problem only!!

If you remember in my example WCS==MCS==Absolute CSYS. If I will start with non-coincidental MCS--WCS--AbsCS - I will have DIFFERENT results for LQZ-corrections!!!!! 


Of course - I can make additional correctiions for D1 metacode and add additional displacement for Q-correction - but it not correct solution and customer ALWAYS must to start a project with WCS==MCS==AbsCS.


And - I am first, who have a same problem???


NX11.0.2, mp11

A same for mp12


How I can to use few tracking points?


Thank you!!


Re: CSE, Tracking Points for Tools, Nothing to understand...

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Chigishev,


I fully understood your problem. We are investigating on a similar case related to a PR.

What we found so far is a workaround. The sim11 machine tool is not configured in "Best Practice" and we will change that.


Try to use a different machine tool or adjust the the junctions inside the pockets of sim11, so that X/Y plane fits with turning plane. (At the moment sim11 is different and X/Z plane maps the turning plane.)


As is, cause problem, when using multiple TPs:


Try this, as this should work:



Please let me know if that will solve your problem/test.



Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: CSE, Tracking Points for Tools, Nothing to understand...

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Solution Partner Phenom

THANKS, Thomas! I will check it and let you know! 

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