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CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

Hello everybody, i'm still working on the Tsugami's CSE
(Maybe, someone remember this: )

And i reach the time for the part transfer programing. A piece of the part transfer is the synchronization of both Z axis.

What i need to do, is make a transformation (acived by M221) such that if this active, the Joint Z2 take the same position of Z1.

What i have done is:

-Copy all transformations of FanucFamily.CCF to Current File (In the same order)
-Make my own transformation and programmed like that:



But it doesn't work. I have tried some modifications in order to fix it, but do not succeed.

I get those warnings:




Is my error the transformation?

Accepted by topic author DBaccile
‎11-24-2015 07:28 AM

Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

Hello, DBaccille!

Now I solving a same problem. Please, see attached video:



But I dont use additional Transformations...



Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

Thanks Chigishev!!!, that's exactly what i want to do.

I couldn't understand the warning popup in the Video, maybe that is my answer.... How did you do it?

Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

I not sure, my method is right or not..


I add global var M221_STATUS, and M221 set status TRUE, and attach joint Z2 from second channel.

And for Z address I add:

Thats all...

Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

Yuri, i've tried to make the same method but i can't.


After some test, i found the problem is in the metacode of Z address because the M221 activate the code, but it doesn't work.


i will type step by step what i did



I've created the M221_STATUS internal variable:




I've created an M221 MFunction that activates the Variable:





In the Z Address, i create an IF command:




I know my problem is in the Z Address, but i can't found it!




Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

[ Edited ]

For M221 add (before or after set M221_STATUS) :



"2" channel, from which you detach joint

"Z2" new name for this joint in channel 1



Thats all

Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

Yuri thank you very much, but still not working.

I attached pictures of how the metacodes of M221 and M220




With this configuration, when the simulation reaches the M221 it still in the same position indefinitely... like a pause.

Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

When you attach joint Z2 from channel 2 to channel 1 - name of axis must be a same, Z2.  

Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

Dont use FALSE - must be TRUE.

Re: CSE - Z Synchro Transformation

The first attempt was to use Z2, but get this error


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