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CSE - more spindle drill head

Hello everybody,


how can I start the rotation of EVERY tool on a more spindle drill head?

Now just the first tool is rotating and the NC code looks like "S500 M3".


I use NX 10.03.5 MP1 .


Thank you.


Best wishes,



Re: CSE - more spindle drill head



OOTB the implementation of S and M in the CCF by default address the MainSpindle() only.

You need to customize the related metacodes and loop over all spindles you like to start, stop or set spindle speed for.



Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: CSE - more spindle drill head

Ok thanks.


Now I have the problem to register a spindle of this head.



Re: CSE - more spindle drill head

Please specify the problem in more details.


Re: CSE - more spindle drill head

[ Edited ]

There is a milling machine with just one main spindle.

Now I take a drill head with 8 more spindles for example.


When starting drilling just the fist spindle is rotation and the other one are staying.

The drill head has S1, S2, S3 ... spindle and so on.


When I try to start spindle S5 the error apears that the spindle S5 is not registered.


So how can I register this spindle S5 in a builded up machine?


Best regards


Re: CSE - more spindle drill head

Hi Viktor,

did you assigned all spindles to the channel?
How does your current implementation look like?
When you set the SpindleMode and the SpindleSpeed directly to "S1", "S2",... it should work.


Re: CSE - more spindle drill head



I try to use the global implementation of spindle speed and mode (see image).

Just the first placed tool is rotating.


All spindles are assigned to the channel, but I havent done a speacial assignment for the spindles.

If the tool change is done, all the spindles appear in the first channel.


Best wishes



Re: CSE - more spindle drill head

Hi Viktor,


we have a running training sample which covers exactly your use case and it works. 


Both spindle axis are configured as you can see in the screenshot:

2016-05-23 11_04_01-NX 10 - Manufacturing - [sim08-dual-spindle-demo.prt (Modified) ].jpg

It doesn matter If they are flagged as NC Axis or not for the spinning issue.


GMe_SetSpindleMode uses CSE command "SetSpindleMode" and GMe_SetSpindleSpeed uses CSE command "SetSpindleSpeed" with some additional controller stuff (not necessary for spinning tool geometry).


2016-05-23 10_51_07-XML Notepad - C__Users_feind_AppData_Local_Temp_re_mc_tp_1463993352820.xml.jpg2016-05-23 10_53_30-XML Notepad - C__Users_feind_AppData_Local_Temp_re_mc_tp_1463993352820.xml.jpg



Re: CSE - more spindle drill head

In your case both spindles were fixed components of the machine.


My Machine has one main spindle.

After a head change you get a more spindle drill head with n spindles.

The main spindle lead the other spindles with a S and M value.


Paralel to the example I define the metacodes, but my spindles were unknown.

The device definition is correct.


They are unknown because they arent registered?!


Re: CSE - more spindle drill head

Hi Viktor,


I tried to reproduce it on my sample machine. The good news are it works the bad ones are, I don´t know why it doesn´t work on your machine.


2 weeks ago I asked you about the channel assginemnt of the spindles. It seems that this is the culprit.

At the end of the head mount macro, you should have such code inside. You must ensure that the "old" main spindle is detached from the channel and the new spindles are attached to use them.


##LANGUAGE AC        
detachJoint ("S"); attachJoint ("S1", "Main", "S1"); attachJoint ("S2", "Main", "S2");



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