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CSE problem after Maitanance Pack 09 for NX9.0.3.4

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Few month ago I have builded 2-channels MACTURN_250. All was ok.

But - few days ago I install last Maintenance Release and last MP09 for NX9. And my model crashed.

I try to make some changes for one axis. Warning - all data will be transfer from MCF to Machine Tool Builder. Ok. I try to set up all axis and spindles in Machine Tool Builder.

Ok, When I try to save my prt - Warning:



Ok. I delete problem axis C4, insert again, and register in Channel 1



Open prt with machining, add my simulation model, try to simulate - warning:


Open CSE-assembly - axis not registered....



What you can advise?

Some time when I try to save this assembly - I see "C++ exeptions" warning..

Rebuild whole model?????


And... When all axis was difined and registered in MCF file - I can regiter J1 J2 J3 axis for chucks jaw... HOW I CAN DO IT IN MTB?



I just REMANE one axis in MTB - new error:



I dont know, what I can do.. I rebuild this not simple model few time. Unstable. Ununderstandable.

Why developers transfer Axis&Spindles from Machine Configurator to MTB??????


Re: CSE problem after Maitanance Pack 09 for NX9.0.3.4

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Siemens Phenom

Hi Chgishev,


is your mentioned problem still a problem?

If yes, then I assume that you swtich back and fourth between different NX903 MP packs.


The transfer of the axis and channel data from the MCF fiel to the Machine Tool Builder was necessary. With that we store the entire axis data wihtin on place and reduce redundancies.  



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