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CSE siemens TRAORI

In our machine with siemens powerline V7 we change the parameter 24590 TRAFO5_ROT_OFFSET_FROM_FR_1 = 1 to make it possible to use TRAORI for multiple workpiece offsets (with different C-axis orientation) to mill impellers Where must I change this in the CSE driver, because the OOTB driver doesn`t support multiple workpiece offsets R154 = 2 BEGIN: G0 G153 Z0. D0 G0 G153 X0. Y0. D1 TRAORI G[8] = R154 STOPRE sum stuff TRAFOOF R154 = R154 + 1 IF R154 < 10 GOTOB BEGIN Must i change this on $ON_TRAFO_TYPE_MASK='H127' ?????

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