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Does someone knows how to use CYCLE/TEXT? What does it use for? Thanks.



It issues a MOM_cycle_text event where the text in the field is known by the postprocessor to do whatever is desired. I think NX rapids to the start position for each location. It could be used for any custom macro application. Generally a delimited string of parameters would be sent to the post in the text field.
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I used to read mom_cycle_text and execute some custom cycles, moves or whatever...

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Note for Post Builder (I assume the same for Post Configurator) A "standard text" cycle calls the proc MOM_drill_text_move.


Rather than depend on what a user enters in the "TEXT" field in NX, in (my over-ride of) that procedure I check for UDE variables, and handle the "cycle" appropriately.

If no UDE variables are found, user gets an error.



1) Requires a UDE for every "text" cycle you want to implement

2) Requires you to clear (unset) all the UDE variables at "end of path" (so next, possibly different, text cycle doesn't do the wrong cycle)

3) If you are using the CLS file for external posts, this may not work.


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Instead of relying on cycle text with drilling you have the ability to create your own user cycles (cdl keyword CYCLE). These cycles can be created with system parameters OR your own user parameters. Create as much user cycles with specific set of parameters as needed.


Besides other benefits, all parameters are automatically cleared on cycle off


This capability is not available for ptp, for ptp one still relies on cycle text (follow the procedure as described by Ken).


For drilling add the following lines to your (controller specific) cdl file to have the list of cycles extended with your own cycle type.


CYCLE my_own_cycle
 UI_LABEL "My Cycle"
 PARAM my_integer_value
   TYPE i
   DEFVAL "0"
   UI_LABEL "My number"
 PARAM step1
   TYPE d
   DEFVAL "0.1"
   UI_LABEL "Step 1"

The addition of the second system parameter "step1" will activate depth_increment type Exact, Constant and (for legacy purposes, i.e. NXCAM should not interpret this parameter) User defined.


An example to extend the Drill_Deep system cycle with system parameters is described here

Re: cycle83; DAM parameter negative value NX10



Definition of a user cycle will trigger the procs MOM_my_own_cycle and MOM_my_own_cycle_move

for which you will need to provide an implementation in your post (same for the cls in case your nc post relies on (extended) CLS input)





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