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Cavity Mill Broke

"Cavity mill is broken.

I have reported that on certain cut levels, small regions are omitted, and then later are cleared at lower cut levels. This overrules any sort of use for cavity mill in a high-speed milling scenario, where you have a high-speed inserted cutter with a very short length of cut getting damaged because it has to take these intermittent thick clean-up cuts. It just takes one hit to one of these thicker regions to blow the cutter.

IR Number: 6366617
17-jun-2010 07:31:41"

will this ever get fixed?!


Re: Cavity Mill Broke

[ Edited ]

This call was an IR (Incedent Report) that was resolved by GTAC with the customer at the time. Without discussing private details in public, GTAC had the user turn on some of the cleanup settings, and then the path was OK.


Since this was not turned in to a PR (Problem Report), development did not investigate.


If you have a similar problem, please contact GTAC to see if it should be a PR.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Cavity Mill Broke

I'll try and do that when I have time.


Could you be more specific about "clean up settings"? I dont have the option of finish passes and tolerant machining is already turned on.

Re: Cavity Mill Broke

PR Number 7184619

Description: CAVITY MILLING- is cutting into uncut material at lower levels.


While I appreciate that this was given a PR, its a shame they didn't recognize this as a "problem" three years ago when (as far as I know) the issue was first raised. Who knows, it might actually have been fixed by now.

Re: Cavity Mill Broke

I believe what Mark was getting at was the Island and Wall Cleanup functions in the Cutting Parameters. This shows up in the Follow Periphery cut pattern, and it helps clean up most of the issues you describe. Unfortunatly depending on your source geometry there are times that nothing will fix the issue except machining 1 level at a time. When all else fails we use the 1 level at a time method and then add clean-ups as needed. This has become rare though in the last couple of NX releases that I have worked with. 

Re: Cavity Mill Broke

In conclusion, Cavity Mill is still broken.

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