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Changing Units on NX 9


After conversion process from inch to mm through comand prompt i and getiing message that 3 files are failed on a complete assembly.

how can i find the root cause of that



Conversion SUCCESS
Saving: D:\Users\nikhil.das\Desktop\01\C001_1633_a_assy.R00_001.prt

255 files successfully converted
0 files generated warnings
3 files failed to convert


Re: Changing Units on NX 9

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PLM World Member Phenom

The only time I have seen this is when some of the components are already in the units your trying to convert to.


Look at the individual components and check

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Re: Changing Units on NX 9

I have also seen errors when the file is from a newer version than the program you are converting with. I believe it showed a message stating this though. The conversion program is tied to the NX version. For example, running conversion with NX10 on files from NX8 and you will have a bunch of NX new NX10 files. Try in reverse and you get an error.
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